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Welcome to the upcoming NFT drops which will be featured here on a hand-picked level.

Our editors will not promote any random NFT project, every project is reviewed manually be our staff to ensure quality and positive vibes.


We want to provide a one-stop shop for all NFT-related events, exhibitions, and launches. Our mission is to provide the NFT community with a comprehensive and up-to-date calendar of all things NFT, so you never miss out on an exciting opportunity or development.


Our calendar is constantly updated with new events and information, ensuring that you have the most accurate and relevant information at your fingertips. Whether you’re an NFT enthusiast, an artist, a collector, or an investor, the NFT Crypto Calendar has something for everyone.


It’s a community. We believe that the future of NFTs and DeFi is shaped by the people who are passionate about it, and that’s why we’re committed to building a vibrant community of NFT enthusiasts, artists, collectors, and investors.


Whether you’re new to NFTs or a seasoned pro, we invite you to join our community and be a part of the future of digital ownership.


We cannot guarantee in any way the outcome of these NFT collections, as you should know, Crypto is like the Wild Wild West so always act with precaution.


If you’d like us to feature your NFT drop, please use the contact form. You can also DM our editor via Twitter here: @bassdefi

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